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No Toys For Christmas, Part II

The No Toys For Christmas  post received a comment asking about age appropriate American made toys, which is a good question. Something soft and plushy for a real little one is always nice and yes, all the ABC blocks I have seen are rather expensive. The softer stuff is hard to find if you are looking for the made in the USA stuff.

I  will do some investigating and post what I can find. I know that craft shows around this time of year are a great place to get softer, plush type toys that are handmade. If you know someone who sews, maybe approach them about putting a fabric book together that has things like zippers and shoe strings attached to them. My daughter will play with the zipper on my jacket for over a half hour, seriously. Just make sure that everything is fastened on well and is not a choking hazard. Also – there are a lot of places you can get “memory” bears made. You can take in one of her baby blankets or even some baby clothes she can not wear anymore and have them made into a teddy bear. That may be a cheaper alternative to Vermont Teddy bears which are made in the USA but rather expensive I believe.

If I find anything else online, I will let you all know.


Recalls Revisited

Beacuse so many people have hit on the original lead paint recall post, I decided to revist the topic. Another list has been issued.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of recalls:

An interesting spin on the story, though, that a lot of people may not have thought about is the impact this will have on Toys For Tots and other donation drives this holiday season. This is from a TV station in Indiana.

Toy Recalls Impacting Local Toy Drives

 This story comes from the Ventura Star and is a really good in-depth look at the trouble with toys and the upcoming holidays.

Recalls force consumers to reconsider toy purchases

One thing I have been thinking about, too, is – with everyone so interested in “GOING GREEN” these days…why not “GO AMERICAN MADE”.

I found this site that is a great resource for products made in the USA.

Gee- what a novel concept. If you’re going to help the environment, why not help the economy of that environment. Now I know that buying American could actually hurt the American economy, but you gotta start somewhere if things are to be turned around, right?

This Christmas will be the first for my daughter. We’ve already decided as a family to do American-made toys for her. Some peope we know have had toys made for her. Something as simple as a fabric book with strings and zippers and buttons on it will thrill her for hours as the store-bought fancy toys sit collecting dust and unplayed with.

Think about it.