Noa’s Ark

A place to start. A little something for everyone. Something to do while killing time at work.


Noa is my daughter. Her name is Chenoa Lucille, but I started calling her Noa just after she was born as a short form of Chenoa. It fits. Just like the story of Noah’s Ark, my Noa helped to deliver not only me but my family from a very trying time.

The kindness of others towards us during that time had a very deep impression on me. I have always tried to do for others in need, but this was different. I was constantly trying to think of how I could continue on the kind efforts made for me during my time of need. It just seemed wrong for it to stop with me.

My hope is for the Noa’s Ark project to grow, but right now it’s just a little idea I had. More information will be made available as time goes on.

As for me, I am a journalist and would say with confidence that I have been since I was 13-years old.

I attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and went to the Scripps School of Journalism. During my time there I participated in several overseas adventures. These included attending Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland to research stereotypes in international media and studying “Art and Politics in the New Europe” at Universitat Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany.

After graduating I went to work for ABC News in London as part of another Scripps program. Upon returning to the United States the following year, I worked for in Cincinnati as a web producer. During my time there I discovered rock climbing and my life changed directions drastically.

In the following three years I was married, moved out west and climbed four or five days a week. I worked as a pre-school teacher, bar waitress, property manager, tile grouter and newspaper reporter/photographer/typesetter.

Before returning east, I was employed by Mesquite Media Group and primarily concentrated on providing content for their weekly newspaper in Mesquite, NV. I also helped with the web site updates and designed ads, along with typesetting the newspaper.

As life is sometimes unpredictable and almost always chaotic, at six and a half months pregnant, my husband and I returned to Kentucky where I had purchased an acre of land and we had built a small structure three years previous.

The long and short of it is, I had a beautiful child, and my husband and I went our seperate ways.

I am now residing in Ohio and working as editor of another weekly newspaper.

Though a lot of the details are missing, you probably get the picture.

Life has been good to me and it has been extremely challenging as well. I can’t imagine it any other way.

Through it all, there have been some very inspiring people. The Noa’s Ark project ultimately serves to repay those people, not directly, but that they might see how they have moved me to do this and feel my gratitude through the act of my serving others.  

Noa at work

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