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Suffer the Little Children…

“Republican opponents argue they want to be sure the program is focused on poor children and does not become a stepping stone for government-run health care.”

Without getting TOO involved in a political rant, I just want to say a few things.

One – what is so bad about government-run health care, or socialized healthcare rather? OK, I know that is a whole can of worms there, and that a US-government-run healthcare system is probably bound for failure, but look at other countries…do the benefits outway the costs? I can’t answer. I have been covered by healthcare in Germany and have nothing bad to say about it. Even as a foreigner living, working and studying overseas, it was easy and I was covered for everything I needed, which ended up being a lot at that time.

Two – if the money from this is coming from taxing tobacco products more heavily, isn’t that a win – win situation. I know many people who quit smoking due to the ever-rising price…and I see that as a good thing. Money for children’s healthcare – more expensive to smoke…hhmmm. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Am I missing something? Can someone explain the downside here?

Yes – people abuse the system

Yes – the goal should be to get people off state assistance

These are seperate issues. For once, I feel directly effected by this veto. I am who this harms, or my child rather. I am in that middle ground, that fun gray area where you make too much to get any kind of assistance (be it for education, healthcare or otherwise) yet you can’t afford to foot the bill completely on your own. So you suffer and your children suffer.

I was frightened when I got a letter in the mail saying my child was no longer (at 7 months old) eligible for Medicaid because I was working. “Transitional Medicaid” would cover her in the time between now and when I could get health insurance through my employer.

I have never been on any kind of state assistance, ever. Not my family, no one in my family, nothing. This was a first and I was thankful for the institution being there when I needed it after the baby was born and my husband left.

It’s scarey. If it were not for county health departments and such organizations, immunizations (required for daycare and schooling) would cost $1000s in the first year alone. The first six months, even.

For the first time in my life I stepped off the fence and signed a petition. If I didn’t have a child, I would have signed it anyway.

Why not just hand the children packs of cigarettes Mr. Bush? Cut out the middle man. They can’t afford to go to the doc for their cough anyway…so why not?

Thursday should be an interesting day to watch the news.