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Recalls Revisited

Beacuse so many people have hit on the original lead paint recall post, I decided to revist the topic. Another list has been issued.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of recalls:

An interesting spin on the story, though, that a lot of people may not have thought about is the impact this will have on Toys For Tots and other donation drives this holiday season. This is from a TV station in Indiana.

Toy Recalls Impacting Local Toy Drives

 This story comes from the Ventura Star and is a really good in-depth look at the trouble with toys and the upcoming holidays.

Recalls force consumers to reconsider toy purchases

One thing I have been thinking about, too, is – with everyone so interested in “GOING GREEN” these days…why not “GO AMERICAN MADE”.

I found this site that is a great resource for products made in the USA.

Gee- what a novel concept. If you’re going to help the environment, why not help the economy of that environment. Now I know that buying American could actually hurt the American economy, but you gotta start somewhere if things are to be turned around, right?

This Christmas will be the first for my daughter. We’ve already decided as a family to do American-made toys for her. Some peope we know have had toys made for her. Something as simple as a fabric book with strings and zippers and buttons on it will thrill her for hours as the store-bought fancy toys sit collecting dust and unplayed with.

Think about it.

No Toys For Christmas

In a way, it serves us right…we have paid a price for convienence. But I will also say that it is unfairly paid.

The reason I knew that one of my child’s toys had been recalled was kind of sad.

And let me preface this by saying Noa has very few toys, just because, and I think most people know this, small children will play with anything and given the choice between a brightly, lead-painted, toy that plays music and spins around, and a piece of plasticware from the kitchen cupboard, they will choose the plasticware, time and again.

Noa’s grandmother has been very carefully thinking over what she should purchase for her only gradndaughter’s very first Christmas. Since she knows I am not the “buy every new toy out there” kind of person, she was making sure it was a really good choice. And it was, till she saw a picture of it online under a headline about recalls due to lead paint in toys made in China.

After clicking on the story and dealing with the dissappointment of not being able to get that really wonderful item for Noa for Christmas, she was upset by another image.

There on the screen was a picture of the only thing Noa really plays with consistently and has been chewing on, nearly since birth. It was a gift at my baby shower and the only toy I had actually requested.

Baby Einstein blocks. They are soft and colorful and make a little sound here and there. We played with them often. Now, mind you, only ONE of the blocks, the blue one, was recalled and the company was offering a free replacement. But I just threw all four of them away. Gramma had actually left work and went home and removed them all from the play area until we decided what to do. I even called the pediatrician. After a scare recently when Noa stopped crawling and rolling over altogether after becoming very mobile, (it was due to imbalance from an ear infection), I had to check. We all, of course, had been entertaining the notion of lead poisoning, whether we spoke it out loud or not, we thought it. How could you not think about it!

Now, the fact that I simply threw the blocks out brings up another important aspect of the gajillions of toy recalls.

 I realize I have contributed to this problem, but in my haste to rid the house of possible hazards, I apologize, I ignored the rest of the planet.

As a family, we are making an effort to look for made in the USA toys for Noa this year. In looking, I was delighted to see some of my old favorites and come to find out, we still have some of them. Lincoln Logs! They appear under another name it seems, but still made in the USA and available online.

Also available at reasonable prices (which can be found, not all USA toys are expensive) are the good old colored and stackable rings that vary in size and go over a peg on a stand.

Here is more information on finding toys made in the USA:

 The last point I wish to address on this topic is: What happened Sam Walton?

Touted by many as the best businessman in America, the father of the almighty WalMart has failed in my eyes. Being the best businessman IN America, apparently doesn’t mean you have to stock your shelves with AMERICAN products.

I randomly plucked 10 toys from WalMart shelves recently and wouldn’t you know it…every single one of them was made in China.

Now maybe we get carried away with things, and the media can shoulder some of that blame, however, a recall is a recall and they are issued for a reason. I didn’t think about my child’s toys till this happened, because I knew – one: she didn’t hardly play with the ones she has and two: she didn’t have any of the varieties I had been seeing on the news.

Now, it’s almost a mission of my family to make sure we either make all her toys ourselves, which can be a fun bonding adventure, or we purchase American-made toys. It’s worth the time searching the net for what you want and the price you want. Support American-made toys and maybe, just maybe, they’ll make a comeback.