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Can we recall parents?

The really great Bumbo Babysitter seats have been voluntarily recalled in order to update the safety warnings and packaging…what I hate is that a really great product has had negative light shed on it due to user error.

Here’s the story:

I know that as a parent – even for the smartest most responsible parents – that accidents happen…I stopped using the seat when I saw that my child had started to rear back and could pop her little butt out of the seat. She couldn’t really “get out” of the seat fully, but she was workin on it and if done right, could probably throw her weight and topple the seat over even if it was on the floor.

Almost everyone I know that has had one of these has placed it on the counter while doing dishes or something. I just feel that as a parent, it’s your job to know your child. We want everyone else to think for us and tell us what is safe and what is not safe. What happened to common sense? If your child shows signs and the strength to be able to manipulate that chair or her body in a way that might result in injury, it’s YOUR job to make the call and end usage of the product.

Yes, McDonald’s coffee is hot.

Yes, knives are sharp.

Yes, when it’s cold and wet, ice can form, you can slip and fall.

Think for yourselves people. You bring a product into your home, you need to be responsible for its usage.

It says on the box, don’t place on countertops – best if used on the floor.

Bumbo – you have a great product. My child loved it. I started using it before she was 6 weeks old because she could hold her head up. She kinda got to chubby for it, so we couldn’t use it much past 4 months, but it was great. I took it everywhere with me and she loved it. I hope user error does not ruin another great product.

Infant medicines

Infant Drug RecallAs a new parent, or the parent of a toddler – there are so many things you could choose to worry about. Finding out that something in your medicine cabinet, something made and marketed specifically for your little one, is one of those things to worry about, is so unsettling. However, I am not at all surprised.

This is just one of the many many stories out right now about this:

One thing that struck me in the story was:

“The FDA did not approve these products based on the basis of evidence of safety and effectiveness in children,” explained Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, with the Baltimore Health Commission.

But the manufacturers say the medicine is safe and insist the recall was announced out of a quote, “abundance of caution.”

So – it was based on studies done on adults? OK, yet another reason why I feel we are really just on our own here folks. We’re supposed to trust the FDA approvals…and then things like this happen. So, they make a mistake, no biggie, so your kid dies, no biggie??

The other thing that bothered me that was said in the story was:

“Parents must read the labels carefully and use the medicine as directed, and store the medicine safely away from the reach of children.

But some say these warnings are not enough.”

So, you’re saying parent’s are too stupid to follow directions? Unfortunately, on the whole, I have to agree with that. But stupidity is not something I want to tackle in this post, or ever really. Too involved.

Tylenol’s web site has more information:

 However, the FDA’s site doesn’t seem to have any information out right now on the topic. I could be missing it, there is a lot of things on the site and it’s navigation leaves a little to be desired I think.

So, what is safe? No toys, no meds. I all for going back to home remedies, take us back to the good old days. So what if the life expectancy drops back down to 40. Why would you want to live to be 100 if you’re body is riddled with maladies caused by too much decongestant as a child and a brain that doesn’t function because your favorite doll was painted with lead paint?

I’ll take some chicken soup (made with organic, free-range chicken of course, and vegetables grown on my own farm with no pesticides, too) and a hot cup of tea. I don’t think they have found anything harmful in tea, yet….have they?

Oh that’s right, that takes too much time and energy, something no one has these days. Fine, a Big Mac, fries and some Sudafed it is.